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James, this could be South Carolina’s greatest moment of education opportunity if we come together to focus on results for students, to empower parents, and to support great teachers.

My plan for students includes a strong focus on basic reading and math skills, making schools safer by investing in mental health resources and school resource officers, involving the community in school safety and mentoring, and celebrating all pathways to student success.

We will raise teacher pay to the national average within five years, cut excessive red tape for educators, and support classroom discipline. We must create more avenues of communication for parents and to restore the lost trust South Carolinians have with some school districts by asking for total financial and curriculum transparency. It is time to empower Palmetto State families with more school choice.

The core foundation of this STP Plan is good old-fashioned common sense and putting people first. It will help revitalize education in South Carolina by prioritizing our students, supporting our teachers, and empowering our parents.

I encourage all who agree with these principles to visit to sign up and learn more.

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