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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 02:38 AM


First Published in 1994


Yesterday, grassroots conservatives across SC won in a major way!

Earlier this week, establishment Republicans and Democrats attempted to ram through a major rules change to prohibit conservatives in the SC House of Representatives from being able to offer amendments on legislation in certain situations. The rule was straight out of the Nancy Pelosi playbook. Thankfully, we had just enough time to sound the alarm to grassroots leaders across the state.

Because of YOU we were able to stop the rule change! ... But only for now ...

We cannot thank you enough for standing with us in opposition to this blatant censorship of conservative legislators. If this bill passed over 700,000 South Carolinians would have their voices silenced in the legislative process. The House of Representatives needs more debate, more transparency, and far less top-down, establishment control. 

But our work is not finished. Democrats and Moderates are still pushing to pass these rules next week! Based on our sources, House Leadership is going back to the drawing board to change the language for the rules. We will keep you posted on what those changes may be, and we will share any public votes on this legislation. 

What can you do?

Please contact your State Representative at FIND YOU LEGISLATOR, and tell them to vote NO on the Pelosi-style rule changes! 

Sign this COALITION LETTER put together by the State Freedom Caucus Network opposing the rules change. 

Special thank you to Representative Kathy Landing (Mount Pleasant) for having the courage to be the sole NO vote on these unprecedented changes in the Rules Committee. A number of conservative Republican allies in the House have gone on record opposing these rules—be sure to ask your Representative where he or she stands. 

Rep. Kathy Landing (Mount Pleasant) casts sole “NO” vote in the House Rules Committee

We cannot overstate the importance of this win for the conservative movement. When conservatives are informed, united, and mobilized, We the People win!

Stay tuned for more updates and share this Substack with other SC patriots. 


The South Carolina Freedom Caucus