Do you support the Second Amendment? Then you’ll need to read this.

There is a lot of information swirling around the “Constitutional Carry” bill passed by the SC House and recently amended by the SC Senate. But one change made by the Senate isn't getting the attention it deserves.

If this bill passes as is, members of the General Assembly will be exempt from punishment if they violate gun laws.

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This is everything wrong with Columbia - powerful politicians passing laws that they themselves refuse to live under. 

Here’s what could happen – you and a legislator both walk into a convenience store but neither of you see the “No Guns Allowed” sign. The store clerk calls the police and when law enforcement arrives, the legislator gets to jump in their car and go. But you… you're arrested.

In addition to the legislator carveout, there are SEVERAL OTHER ISSUES that should give pro-gun advocates heartburn. Here’s just a few.

1)      This bill would create 3 classes of gun owners – those with a permission slip from the government; those who, instead, rely on the constitution to carry; and politicians. As we discussed above, legislators have selfishly exempted themselves from the law. But those without a permission slip would be subject to heavier penalties for committing the same offense.

2)      This bill could criminalize gun owners when they are a victim of theft.

3)      This bill restricts a person in charge of private property to give permission to a person to carry.

The senate’s amendments to “Constitutional Carry” are a poison bill and have changed the bill dramatically, to the point that the downsides outweigh the benefits.

Constitutional Carry Passes SC Senate


Check out Brietbart’s coverage HERE.

But it can be changed back to its original form.

This bill is now back in the House and representatives have the option to concur (accept the anti-gun amendments made by the Seante) or non-concur (reject the senate’s anti-gun amendments that include the legislator carveout).

But you MUST ACT NOW if you want real Constitutional Carry. CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATOR.

If you think politicians should live under the laws they make, then call your state representative and tell them to vote to NON-CONCUR and REJECT the anti-gun amendments.

Find your legislator HERE.

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