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Monday, May 20, 2024 - 07:46 AM


First Published in 1994


General George Washington and the Continental Army worked on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and so must you.

I can not exaggerate the urgency of our situation.   Let me show you why you must do all you can to stop the SC Senate from passing H 3205, Meckler's "COS" application for Congress to call an Article V Convention. 

This link (CLICK HERE) is a Flyer from a "BBA" group pushing for an Article V convention - ostensibly for the limited purpose of getting an amendment which requires Congress to "balance the budget".  Note that they are now claiming that 33 States have active applications.  Only one more State is needed and Congress can call a convention. 

For years, the convention lobby has falsely told State legislators that delegates to an Art. V Convention are limited to the subject matter of the States' application for a convention.  They said Congress couldn't call a convention unless 34 States passed the same application; and that the delegates at the Convention can't do anything other than what is "authorized" in the States' application. 

Their assurances are false:  The Constitution doesn't say any of that.  Furthermore, those assurances are contradicted by Article V & Article I, Sec. 8, last clause, US Constitution.  See 2nd attachment which links to the CRS Report which shows that Congress recognizes that it has exclusive authority to count and judge the applications:  So Congress alone decides how to count the applications and which ones to count.

This document (CLICK HERE) shows that Delegates to a convention have the right, recognized in our Declaration of Independence, to throw off the governments we now have and propose a new Constitution which creates a new government.

Since the BBA groups couldn't get 34 States to pass applications for a BBA, they are now aggregating all sorts of unrelated applications.  Note they count New York's application from 1789, applications passed during 1861, etc., etc.  And yes, Congress has the power to aggregate all the different un-rescinded applications passed during the last 230 years. 

Here is the grave peril we face:  South Carolina now has NO applications for an Art. V Convention on file with Congress.  But earlier this year, the SC House passed the COS application.  I am informed that the SC Senate Leadership has made passing the COS application top priority for when they reconvene early next year.  That could give the Convention Lobby 34 States.  And I expect Congress is drooling at the prospect of calling a Convention so they they can get rid of our Constitution of 1787. 

So stopping H 3205 is a matter of life or death for this Country.  The convention lobby is well aware that if there is a convention, the Delegates can impose a new Constitution. They have not been telling State Legislators the Truth.  My new paper is the 4th attachment.  There show how Professor Robbie George, who is on Mark Meckler's COS "Legal Advisory Board", has already participated in the drafting of a NEW Constitution which vastly increases the powers of the new federal gov't and imposes gun control.   Yet Mark Meckler and those who have been deceived by him are asserting that there can't possibly be a "runaway convention"; a new Constitution can't possibly be imposed; it's ridiculous to say we can lose the 2d Amendment,  etc., etc., etc.

At the Pennsylvania Roundtable on Nov. 8, 2021 [video is linked to in the 4th attachment] Meckler bragged about how the CEO of Palmetto State Armory in South Carolina is a supporter and friend of COS.  [Meckler said this when he first began to speak at about the 2 minute mark.]  The CEO is Chad Wylie:  Won't some of you reach out to the Palmetto State Armory and let them know about the gun-restricting new Constitution already written by Meckler's Legal Advisory Board Member?    

The people behind this push for an Art. V Convention have been playing the most vicious bait and switch con game ever played on a gullible People.  It's up to US to expose them.  I can do the digging, but our Country needs you to reach out and inform SC Senators and the gun rights organizations and Palmetto State Armory.