If our politicians were to consult the U.S. Constitution before every vote, we estimate that 80% of the federal government would not exist.

In this episode, Christian Gomez and Peter Rykowski of the John Birch Society’s research department join Paul to discuss unconstitutional federal departments, how American society gradually moved toward a paternalistic government, and how patriots can reverse this trend. This episode’s featured action tool includes the Congressional Scorecard and Freedom Index, both created to help voters hold members of Congress accountable to the country’s fundamental governing documents.

Enforce the Constitution with the Freedom Index.


Find out which elected officials are obeying the Constitution with the Congressional Scorecard.  https://thenewamerican.com/freedom-in...

Use the Federal Elections Commission Database to research who the donors are to each Congressman.  https://www.fec.gov/introduction-camp...

Read When Will We Hold Them to Their Oath? 


Watch The Constitution Is the Solution.  https://jbs.org/constitution/video/

Read about the unstoppable movement to save America. 


Join the most effective patriot organization working to restore liberty.


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