The racial strife and week-long demonstrations at Clemson University alleging racism and discrimination, coupled with administrators struggling to find ways to meet demands of small groups of students remind me of the contrast with “Old Clemson College” of the 1950s.

Clemson was created as an all-male military college with a proud heritage to provide educational opportunities for rural children of modest means.  It was an agricultural and mechanical college that in the 1940s and 50s featured mostly agricultural and textile graduates. Clemson provided more commissioned officers for World War II than all the US military academies combined. Freshmen from as far away as New York City were required by their upper classmen to become conversant in the history of Clemson and South Carolina. Discipline was administered to students by students with minimum supervision and guidance from the college administration.

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A merger of Trump and Cruz political campaigns is not likely, but could capture the Republican Party for Conservatives and create a real contrast between Democrats and Republicans for the first time in modern History. The two camps control 70 to 80 percent of the Republican electorate.

There is much in common between the true Conservatives in both camps. However, there is little chance that the two campaigns will be allowed to get together at the convention in Cleveland. Such a merger would be very detrimental to the party elite that hold the power at the top and the RINOs (Republicans in name only) that hold the power at the county and state level in many cases.

Neither candidate is perfect, however both Trump and Cruz have a lot to offer in terms of returning the nation to a constitutional republic based on laws rooted in morality. Both candidates are very intelligent and the best at what they do.

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Governor Nikki Haley has been a disappointment to many citizens who worked hard for her election. She is the most recent in a series of South Carolina Governors who have been able to trick voters into supporting a mythical candidate who was much different from the real person.

Haley replaced Gov. Mark Sanford who was one of our better governors, but had a problem keeping his zipper zipped.

David Beasley was a young Democrat who became a “Christian” and won the Governor’s office as a Christian Republican. Beasley had a great personality but lost a bid for a second term by trying to please both his old liberal friends and his new Conservative supporters. Governor Beasley, like Haley, was considered ideal as a vice presidential candidate. He announced that he favored removal of the Confederate battle flag from the capitol dome. This pleased the liberal media and enhanced his national political potential. He lost credibility when in an effort to calm his Conservative Christian political base, Governor Beasley announced that God woke him up in the middle of the night and told him to take the flag down. Beasley instantly became a one-term governor and South Carolina suffered through 4-years of a Democrat Governor.

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This year marks the official 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. Most Americans will never know and others have no factual knowledge of the war that cost thousands of American lives over a period spanning more than a decade.

Any truthful historical assessment of the Vietnam War including that of Communist leaders has concluded that the war was won by the United States military with assistance of allies. They also concluded that the victory was forfeited and lost by the United States Congress and the liberal media. Politicians were influenced by the Communist sympathizers operating on college campuses and Communist sympathizers inside the government as well as influential voices in the media.

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