I was an early supporter of Senator John McCain for president of the United States. John was a "military Brat." Both his father and grandfather retired as four-star admirals. I first met John at Tommy's Country Ham House in Greenville during his first campaign for president. We had a very brief conversation about his father. I informed him that I was assigned to his father's CINCPAC staff during the Vietnam War era, when his father was Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Command. He commented that not a day passed that he did not think about his father. His mother is still living and is more than 100 years of age.

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I have studied the life of Wade Hampton III for much of the past two decades. In my view, in many respects, Wade Hampton III was one of the greatest citizens ever produced by the Palmetto State. Until recently, I had never heard of his “Iron Scouts.”

A good friend invited me to hear a presentation by the author of a book titled “Wade Hampton’s Iron Scouts.” at the Poinsett Club.

Michael Thomas is a native South Carolinian, Citadel Graduate and historian, who has spent a great deal of time researching military historic records and writing this very interesting original historical story.

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Our wonderful Constitutional Republic is bordering on anarchy. It is not a sudden occurrence, it has been brought on gradually by a series of administrations.

Conservatives have long been aware that Black Americans have been duped and used by liberal whites and the Democrat Party. But only recently, since the election of President Trump, has it become clear that Conservative Whites have been as gullible as Blacks. They have been duped by liberal “One World” Republicans talking conservative issues while carrying out the same agenda as the Democrats, only at a slower pace.

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Greenville County Councilman and Convicted Felon

Former Greenville County Councilman Tony TroutTony Trout was killed in a fall from a tree on the evening of 25 July 2018. Trout was a former Greenville County Councilman who made history and changed Greenville County government significantly.

Trout and two other candidates who were unknown to local Republicans were recruited by Democrats who had been unable to pass an ordinance requiring Greenville County to require the county to give county employees a paid holiday honoring the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King.

The Republican majority of Greenville County Council had refused to be forced to pass the paid holiday because no other person other than presidents of the United States was honored with a paid holiday. Democrats took advantage of the unpopular South Carolina open primary system that allows Democrats to vote in Republican primaries. They openly urged democrats to cross over party lines and vote for Democrats running as Republicans. Trout narrowly won the Republican Primary over Steve Selby with cross over Democrats and a few other non-Republican votes.

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