2021 2022 Legislative Scorecard by SCRLC sm

The South Carolina Republican Liberty Caucus (SCRLC) has released its 2021-22 State House Legislative Scorecard.  We rated State House Reps on ten votes that impact our core issues of life, liberty, and smaller government and assigned each rep a numerical score based on their votes.

The votes scored include two pro-life votes, Constitutional carry, three Covid-related bills, closed primaries, transparency, election integrity, and government waste.

Reps scoring an A (90-100%) are Burns, Chumley, Dabney, Fry, Jones, Long, May, Magnuson, McCabe, Magnuson, Morgan, and Trantham.  Forty-three (43) reps scored an F rating (less than 70%).

“Some of the scores may surprise people,” said SCRLC Chair Justin Alexander “but we’re dedicated to deciding what votes to score before looking at how individual reps voted.  We don’t change the votes scored to favor or hurt any particular rep.  That’s something we’re very firm on.”

“Not every issue important to us made it into the scorecard.  Sometimes the critical votes come too late in the session, or the critical votes happen in a committee and so not all reps vote on them.  This is the second scorecard the SCRLC has produced, and we learn more with each one we do.” Alexander said.  “It’s a ton of work, and I’m very thankful to those who helped with this.  The time it takes to do the research, compile the votes and double-check our work is pretty significant, but if this helps us move closer to our ideals, it’s well worth it.”

2021 2022 Legislative Scorecard by SCRLC

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