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Nathan Ellenwood was named the PlanFIRST Player of the Game for the Bob Jones University Bruins men’s basketball team on Friday, Dec. 9.

Ellenwood is a freshman business administration major from Greenville. Ellenwood had 17 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists as the Bruins fell to Piedmont College 95-91.

PlanFIRST is an asset management and financial services company located in Greenville, South Carolina.

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The star spotlight directs all of Greenville to the Bob Jones University Creche which was unveiled on December 2, 2011. This work includes seven pieces for the Christmas season. The larger-than-life figures (some are 7 feet tall) were carved from solid blocks of polystyrene. The stable is about 14 feet high. The homes and storefronts tower about 21 feet at the highest point. Doug Young has been sculpting for almost thirty years. He’s best known for sculpting Shoeless Joe Jackson, Gethsemane and The Patriot, Della Gillette. He currently resides in Taylors, SC.

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State officials in Louisiana tried to deceive citizens last week by approving what amounts to, essentially, a glorified name change for the deeply unpopular Common Core education standards pushed by the Obama administration. Basically, policymakers rebranded the scheme as “Louisiana Standards,” while pretending that there had been some “revisions” to the widely loathed education-nationalization effort. However, according to experts and activists involved in the process, the politically toxic national education standards imposed on state governments with federal funding and pressure remain almost entirely intact in Louisiana, despite the new name. Similar scams by government officials have taken place in states across the country.  

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President Clements Catering to Minority and Fringe Groups as their Demands Intensify

President James P. Clements, Ph.D. announced to the Clemson Family last Thursday, April 14, 2016 that the University would welcome a new Chief Diversity Officer, Mr. Lee Gill, on Monday, April 18 “to assist us in our efforts to move forward.” He added: “I want the entire campus community to know I remain committed to improving the efforts of diversity and inclusion at this university.”

President Clements announced a weeklong recognition of PRIDE week activities that prompted a response from a Greenville Attorney.

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The grading scale for schools ordinarily goes from zero to one hundred, with zero being the lowest grade you could score on any assignment. Back when most of us were in middle school, if we didn’t do an assignment or if we got every question wrong on a quiz, we earned a zero. That one zero would drag down our entire average and we would have to struggle to bring it back up just to pass, or drown ourselves in extra credit just praying that it would be enough. The Greenville County School District wants to change that. By establishing a policy with a grading floor of a 61, the lowest grade a student can receive on any assignment or test would be a 61. It is still an F, though falling in the upper range. Even with the grading floor, students would still have to make up the work they failed so that they will learn the required material. According to Derek Lewis, the District 24 representative of the Greenville County School Board, the policy isn’t exactly new. The Board approved the grading scale in 2007. “[It] was designed to allow ample opportunity for a teacher to award a student an F for failing to master a skill, but still provide the student and parents with some opportunities to bring that grade up.”

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Steven-Brundage_Page-10Steven Brundage, a 2011 Bob Jones University graduate and a DMA piano pedagogy candidate at the University of South Carolina, was recently awarded the American Music Teacher magazine’s Article of the Year Award for 2015 by the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA).

Brundage, a resident of Greenville, will be recognized for this top-level honor at the 2016 national conference in San Antonio, Texas, and in the American Music Teacher magazine.

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KatherineStenholmDr. Katherine Stenholm, 98, director and academic head of Bob Jones University’s Unusual Films since its founding in 1950 until her partial retirement in 1986, passed away last night in Greenville.

Once hailed as the “godmother of religious films,” Stenholm directed 72 films including six feature length films, as well as sermon films, travelogues, documentaries, sacred musical productions, promotional films and educational films during her 36 years at the helm of Unusual Films.

During an era where Hollywood produced few influential women, Unusual Films’ Stenholm ascended as possibly the most influential female filmmaker of the mid-twentieth century. For years, Stenholm was the only woman director who held a membership in the University Film Producers Association (UFPA) and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE).

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