American-Principal-Project---frontSC Adopted Common Core in 2010 to increase competitiveness for Federal Race to Top Funds

The Greer community got its first “fair and balanced” look at the controversial Common Core education standards in South Carolina during a recent forum.

A forum was held at Greer High School sponsored by Senator Tom Corbin and State Representatives Mike Burns and Dwight Loftis in response to requests and questions from constituents.

The Common Core initiative was defended during the forum by the president of the South Carolina Education Association, an affiliate of the National Education Association, the NEA. Union membership is optional since South Carolina is a Right to Work State.

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Hear Both Sides of this Controversial Issue that will Profoundly Impact Public School Students and their Future Success

Senator Tom Corbin and Representatives Dwight Loftis and Mike Burns are sponsoring a Common Core Standards Forum at Greer High School Thursday, January 9th at 7 pm.

Greenville County School Board members, the State Board of Education, the South Carolina Education Oversight Committee, The S.C. School Boards Association, The S.C. Education Association, and the S.C. PTA, who are advocates for the Common Core Standards, have been contacted and invited to participate and defend the standards.

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Homeschooling is much easier than you think. A grand aura has been built up around EDUCATION so that most parents are completely intimidated at the thought of teaching their own children. Nevermind that these same parents have been teaching these same children almost everything they know for at least four or five years previous to arriving at ‘school age.’ Tacking on some academics to everything else a parent teaches a child is not that mysterious. Grab a few books, find some like-minded homeschoolers who can give you pointers, figure out the state law, and you are on your way. Yes, it’s that simple.

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If Convicted, First Offense Carries No Less than 1 year in Prison and No More than 10 years

Greenville County Schools have experienced a rash of bomb threats in recent days. Three high school students have now been arrested and charged with “conveying false information regarding attempted use of a destructive device,” a felony.

On December 17, Eastside High School was evacuated in the morning hours due to a Bomb Threat. A student at the school located the threat which was written on a note and notified school administrators. Once everyone was out of the school, staff conducted a search of the entire school and did not locate any suspicious devices.

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Special Interest and Federal Funds used to Herd Politicians and Children into “One-size-fits-all” Inferior Education System

Sherry Few, founder of South Carolina Parents Involved in Education, addressed the Greenville County Republican Party Executive Committee, Monday night. The topic was “Common Core” education standards.

SCPIE describes Common Core as “an attempt by Washington, D. C. special interest groups and the Federal Government to herd the states, and our children, into one-size-fits-all national standards.”

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Exposing Common Core, an education forum sponsored by South Carolina Parents Involved in Education (SCPIE), was held in Columbia over the weekend.  The event was held at the Columbia Convention Center and began at 9am Saturday.  SCPIE President Sheri Few welcomed approximately 150 people from all across the state who came to hear national experts present the problems with the Common Core National Standards.

American Principles Project Jane Robbins gave an overview of the problems with Common Core and explained how the Federal government coerced states into adopting the standards.  From a lawyer’s perspective, Jane explained that the Federal government’s involvement in the adoption of the standards, and the accompanying assessments, violates the U.S. Constitution and three Federal statutes.

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Converse is the first South Carolina college to reduce tuition by pushing back against the trend of increased cost


Converse College has announced it will reset its tuition price at $16,500, a 43 percent decrease from the current tuition price, for full-time students in its traditional undergraduate program starting with the 2014-15 academic year. The move aligns the institution's “sticker price” more-closely with the average net cost to attend. Converse is the first institution in South Carolina to make such a move.

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