Once again, our medical professionals are being forced to participate in procedures that they disagree with. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued a new rule that forces doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to participate in controversial measures such as abortions, transgender surgeries, and dispensing abortion-inducing drugs. 

In 2017, Trump issued an executive order establishing the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative which elevated the voices of faith-based groups. Those groups recommended policies that would protect religious liberty, one of which protected the conscience rights of medical professionals. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) eventually strengthened the ability of nurses, doctors, and pharmacists to refuse services that violate their moral beliefs. In 2018, the HHS Office of Civil Rights set up a new division to assist providers of faith in reporting civil rights violations. It was widely successful in defending the religious liberty rights of those in the medical profession. However, Biden’s HHS rule dismantles much of this progress. 

Nurses shouldn’t be pressured to take the lives of preborn babies. Doctors shouldn’t be forced to provide body-altering surgery for patients with gender dysphoria that doesn’t treat the root problem. And pharmacists shouldn’t have their livelihoods threatened for choosing not to dispense drugs that not only abort lives but come at a great health risk to women. 

Currently, HHS is asking for public comments regarding their proposed rule. We have prepared a template to begin your submission. We highly encourage you to use your own words and change the subject line. When HHS receives comments, they must read each one unless it is a duplicate of another letter. For your comment to be considered, it must have slightly different wording. 

Submit your comment to the Department of Health and Human Services to make your voice heard!


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