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Saturday, July 13, 2024 - 08:31 AM


First Published in 1994


Democrat David Pascoe Speaking to Greenville GOP January 6 2022
Democrat Solicitor David Pascoe spoke to the Greenville County Republican Party Executive Committee on January 6, 2022.

Calling All Real Republicans

The purpose of the SC Republican Party, and all her county parties, is to uphold the Republican platform and elect candidates that will support it. Therefore one would expect the local Republican Party leadership to seek out strong Republicans who are fighting for the causes and values we hold dear, and invite them to speak to the body on occasion. But under the “leadership” of Mr. Davis and Ms. Julian this is not the case. Twice now Democrat solicitor, David Pascoe, has been invited under protest to speak to the Greenville County Republican Party during a Business Meeting. Each time, staunch conservatives have raised the cry of protest against such an offensive invitation, requesting instead that members of our SC Freedom Caucus to speak, since they are known for their conservative fights in the House.

“But judicial reform is non-partisan!” the “leaders” cry, and he’s known for his exposure of corruption among the RINOs in the SC legislature. So surely that’s justification for allowing him to speak to the GCRP body. But is that record as clean as everyone has been led to believe? Well according to FitsNews article dated February 9, 2021, not so much. They state, 

“He failed to prosecute the corporate defendants pulling the strings of these politicians – even though the grand jury he convened concluded there was probable cause to indict them. Actually, it’s worse than that …Pascoe entered into so-called “corporate integrity agreements” with these corporate defendants in which he explicitly agreed not to prosecute them in exchange for $350,000 in monetary fines. Paid to his office.” 

Does Pascoe support the appointment of Democrat James Smith as a judge? If yes, then Mr. Pascoe is absolutely the wrong person to speak to Republicans about judicial reform!

“Allowing corporate entities to basically buy their way out of criminal charges is not ‘integrity,’” we wrote last fall. “In fact some would argue it is no better than the sort of behavior Pascoe was prosecuting in the first place.”

So it seems the Democrat lawyer, who “fought so hard to expose corruption” that there is “justification” for why Republicans should listen to him over other qualified Republicans, may not be as strong of a fighter as some would like you to believe.

Another objection to Mr. Pascoe is his support of Planned Parenthood, in direct opposition to our fundamental Republican principle to defend the Right to Life. Finally, his words in support of Joe Biden should completely disqualify him. On January 23, 2020, when he endorsed Mr. Biden, Mr. Pascoe had known the then-candidate for over a decade. He stated in a press release that Biden is "the most decent man I have ever met in American politics." Now if that isn’t a slap in the face of all decent Americans, let alone Republican party members, then I don’t know what is.  

With such glowing words for Biden, and the fact that Democrats support Democrats, it does beg the question: Does Pascoe support the appointment of Democrat James Smith as a judge? If yes, then Mr. Pascoe is absolutely the wrong person to speak to Republicans about judicial reform!

In addition to those serious objections over the Democratic speaker, Republican Party Business Meetings are specifically set aside to handle the business of the GCRP. The GCRP has not met since October 2023 and has a long list of items to work through in February. These items include:

  • Debating, amending as needed, and voting on the 2024 GCRP budget. 
  • There are three sets of outstanding Meeting Minutes from 2022 and 2023 to read into the record, provide amendments to, and approve. 
  • There is a fourth set of minutes from the last Business Meeting to make amendments to and approve.
  • There is any New Business to be considered from the floor.

Obviously, we need the entire time of our meeting focused on the business at hand!

When reasonable party members requested that the Chairman rescind the invitation to speak from the Democrat and move the remaining speakers to the 6-7 time spot or to a Special Zoom Meeting so that the business of the GCRP could be conducted, the Chairman flatly declined. Well, whether this is hard for her to accept or not, the Chairman was elected by the body and she serves at their pleasure. She has no right to refuse to comply with the will of The People.

We call on you and your precinct delegates to email the GCRP Chairman and office team and demand that they rescind the offer to speak from Mr. Pascoe, that all remaining speakers be moved to either the 6-7 pm time slot or a separate Zoom meeting, and that all time during the February Business Meeting be dedicated to the business of the GCRP. You may email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

True Conservatives do not need Democrats to speak to them about judicial reform, especially a Democrat who believes Joe Biden is the most decent man in American politics! Make Your Voice Heard Today!