13th annual Midwest March for Life.
13th annual Midwest March for Life.

BOLIVAR, Mo., June 1, 2022 -- "I believe that my story is one that can save even though I can't save my child, and every day I wish that I could," said Angel about aborting her baby years ago. "Every year on what I believe would have been her birthday or holidays or whatever it might be, I imagine what she might look like or how she would sound. Or the things we would have done together or the memories we would have made. That is something I will never escape."

"We know that women who have had an abortion are six times more likely to commit suicide," said Abby Johnson, speaking at the 13th annual Midwest March for Life. Johnson is the founder of And Then There Were None. Her life story was the basis for her autobiography and the movie "Unplanned."

"Fifty percent of the women who have an abortion are going back and having another abortion, added Joan Kane, board member for Support After Abortion. "We came into existence to end the demand for abortion by healing those who have been impacted by abortion." Kane stated that by the end of 2022, 70% of abortions would be chemical. "Which means you get the pills in the mail, no ultrasound, no doctor, the woman is by herself. At our hope line, we are already receiving stories of women who instantly see what they have done."

"These women are aborting their babies at home in their bathroom," added Johnson. "Women are having medication abortions up to twelve weeks and sometimes later, and maybe they didn't realize they were going to see a fully formed baby."  A U.S. Supreme Court decision to reverse Roe V. Wade would return the abortion issue to the states. "My advocacy doesn't depend on what the Supreme Court decides," said Johnson. "At the end of the day, my work is about conversion. If you want to change a culture, you convert hearts to Christ."

Touching hearts and helping to save lives through compelling storytelling is the goal of Missouri filmmaker Gayla Prewitt (pictured right). Prewitt is developing a sanctity of life thriller feature film, "Glimmer." "We know film is another way to influence culture," added Prewitt. In "Glimmer," a young mother searches for a daughter everyone else says never existed. "We have all heard news stories about whole communities searching for a lost child. I hope to take the audience on a journey that will show that the missing child is the same one that just a few years earlier was hidden inside their mother, growing, waiting to be born."

"As Christians, we have to be ready to help women," said Dr. Alveda King during her keynote address at the  Pregnancy Care Center's annual banquet. "That's why pregnancy resource centers are so important." King has long been a champion for the preborn and is the founder of Speak for Life. King shared that her grandfather, Martin Luther King, Sr., persuaded her mother not to get an abortion. "My granddaddy told my mother, you are being lied to; that is not a clump of tissue. That is my granddaughter. Three years ago, I saw her in a vision, and she has red hair." King is also to play a cameo role in the feature film "Glimmer."

"The centers are vital to helping women and families have the tools they need," adds Amanda Smith, Director of Alpha House PRC. "With free resources such as parenting education, baby supplies, and even, in some cases, financial support, pregnancy centers are trying to equip women and men to be the best mothers and fathers. Even if a woman chooses adoption for her child, there is support for her at a pregnancy resource center."

Rachel Blackmore, director at Churches for Life, says it was the support of a Christian woman in her church that helped her choose life for her son and raise him as a single mother. Blackmore believes we still need to do more. "Where's the church outside the sidewalk of abortion businesses?" asked Blackmore, also speaking at the midwest march event. "Where's the church when a mom needs diapers or formula, rent, or a car?"

"Abortion is a sin problem," added Johnson. "And anything that is a sin problem is a Jesus problem, and anything that is a Jesus problem is a church problem. Church, it's time to stand up. It doesn't matter what the church leaders are doing; God gave you a voice, a calling." 

"The church is a sleeping giant," concluded Blackmore. "Statistics show that 36 % of women were at church one or two Sundays before their first abortion. Imagine if these women knew their church was a trusted place to turn."To give a tax-deductible donation to the sanctity of life film, "Glimmer."For more information, contact Gayla Prewitt.Dr. Alveda King is the daughter of the late slain civil rights activist Rev. A. D. King and the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the founder of Alveda King Ministries.

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