Title IX

Eagle Forum Executive Director Tabitha Walter and Texas Eagle Forum Cindi Castilla stood alongside leaders from across our nation in front of the Department of Education to rally against the new proposed Title IX regulation that redefines “sex” to include  “gender identity”. The ‘Stop the Title IX Take-Over Rally’ was hosted by the Title IX Network, a coalition comprised of over 140 like-minded organizations working together to uphold Title IX protections for women and girls. Speakers covered topics such as parental rights, women’s sports, due process rights, bathroom privacy, and our Constitutional freedoms.

Mrs. Walter spoke about her rights as a parent to be involved in her children’s education. She stated: 

The Department of Education’s rewritten Title IX regulation would erase 50 years of progress for girls and women. Regardless of what the Biden administration says, this mama bear is going to know what my children are learning, who they are sharing private spaces with, and that they can be confident in the body that God created for them. 

Mrs. Castilla’s experience hearing from concerned parents and grandparents about their own children’s education and the future of this country has driven her work. She stated: 

To President and Biden and the Department of Education, we say: you may not indoctrinate our children in gender ideology. You may not sexualize our children. You may not provide healthcare without our expressed permission. You may not collect our children’s personal data. You may not invade our children’s privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms. You may not change the English language to accept ridiculous pronouns. You may not promote unhealthy behavior in our schools. We do give you permission to teach our children to read, to write, to do math, to study scientific ideas, to learn real history. 

The Department of Education is taking comments on the proposed regulations. You can submit your own comment by visiting the link here.

You can also watch Mrs. Walter’s full speech here and Mrs. Castilla’s full speech here.

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