A Tale of Entangled Strings and Deceitful Schemes

The Greenville County GOP Puppet Master Entangles His Puppets

By James Spurck, Publisher

One of the biggest questions when a puppet show is put on is that many are curious to know, “Who is the Puppet Master?” During the show, a persistent question lingers in the minds of the attendees as they watch, “Who is he?” Who is the elusive puppeteer, deftly manipulating the strings from behind the scenes?

According to dictionary.com, this metaphorical term, Puppet Master, often describes someone who manipulates situations or individuals from behind the scenes, exerting influence and orchestrating events to suit their own desires.

In Greenville County, a puppet show has been happening for a few years. A puppeteer has been at play, operating his puppets and pulling the strings, directing actions and decisions to maintain his grip with a fear of possible detachment and potential loss of control.

With the unwitting marionettes in his grasp and manipulative pulls, they continue to support, feed, and encourage their dependence upon his illusive attributes. They allow him to continue despite the apparent confusion, chaos, and turmoil that follows him everywhere he goes. Yet not enough marionettes have broken their attachments to become freedom-thinkers and free Greenville from this horror show.

This past year has proven that the firm grasp of this puppet master has been solid, but we may finally see its entanglements and its schemes falling apart, clearly knowing who the Puppet Master is and his real agenda.

One such instance was when current State Executive Committeeman Jeff Davis, overstepping the current Chairwoman Yvonne Julian, he served four women (3 precinct ECs and a precinct President) with no trespass notices from the GCRP headquarters (see image below).  Davis expressed that he felt threatened by one of the ladies and then served the other three, alleging they were associated with the original lady. For more information on this story, read the article in The Times Examiner titled “Is a Local Greenville County Republican Officer Having Issues with Gynophobia?”

No Trespass Notice Davis
One of the no-trespass notices GCRP State EC handed out to four Republican women who admitted that he did it out of revenge.

There have been many requests to the current Chair, Yvonne Julian, to revoke the unwarranted no-trespass notices, but she refuses to do so. So, it begs the question, who is pulling the strings?

On January 28, 2024, Davis admitted on social media that he served the notices out of revenge. The first lady served him a notice first because Davis had called her house and ended up talking with her handicapped son. Davis began disparaging his mother as the son listened on.

Revealing that he did not even know such notices existed or could be served, he admitted to the Republican member that, “It was a cute trick, so I returned the favor and sent you one in return.” See the below image. Upon this admission, the current chair was asked again to negate these notices since Davis, on social media, has admittedly revealed the predisposition intent of the notices and that the four Republican ladies, as members of the local party, have a right to be at their headquarters. If there is a legitimate issue, then removing the ECs by a vote of the Executive Committee is the proper step, but that has not been done or even suggested because there is no case. Why has the marionetted chair not addressed this issue? Again, we ask, who is pulling the strings?

Davis No Trepass Notice Admision2

Another instance of Davis's playful showmanship concerns the headquarters lease. After the GCRP Executive Committee (EC) had never received a copy of the headquarters lease that was voted on during the March 2022 business meeting, three out of the four ‘untethered’ ladies led the challenge, requesting a copy of the signed lease.

Jeff Davis, who was the chairman at the time when the lease was voted on, started to show his puppetry tactics by taking it personally that these three women and others who were not fastened to his puppetry strings would dare question the document's legality.

Due to not supplying the signed lease after March 2022's vote, with current leadership following along in puppetry fashion, fifteen EC members called a special meeting on Sept. 14, 2023, to address the lease and other documents that have been promised many months.

Despite the no-trespass notices, it was at this special-called meeting that the executive committee agreed with the four ladies and the fifteen ECs. They voted to require a signed copy of the lease to be provided to the EC body along with other documents that were voted on in the motions.

On Sept. 24, 2023, three versions of the lease were posted in an article on GreenvilleGOP.com. One copy was from March 7, 2022, which was an unsigned and undated draft, and another unsigned and undated copy with the word “draft” watermarked underneath the body of the lease. Finally, one copy had a redacted signature line and a typed date “as of 1/1/22.”

On Oct. 2, 2023, chairwoman Yvonne Julian sent an email to the executive committee members that included the lease document with the redacted signature lines and a typed-in date “as of 1/1/22” – same as the one on the county party website. She claimed she did not want people to copy it and use her signature for forgery. Therefore, they redacted the signature line with a clean digital rectangle bar, not a hand-drawn blot, as you would see on original documents requiring redactions. The motion required a "signed" lease, but she provided a redacted version covering the signature, which did not fully comply with the motion.

After the GCRP chair refused the request of the fifteen ECs to meet with them on November 20, 2022, concerning the motions of the special-called meeting, 1st Vice Chairman Joe Dill asked the chairman directly on Dec. 15, 2023, to see the actual signed lease. She told him that she did not have it and redirected Dill to Joe McLaughlin, who chairs the Conflict Resolution Committee.

On Jan. 8, 2024, Joe Dill requested a meeting with McLaughlin to see the signed lease with three of the four women who received the no-trespass notices and expressed concern. In puppetry fashion, Davis tried to convince Dill that he could come to his house and look at the original signed lease. But the 1st Vice Chairman was out of town and stuck to the original time to meet at Denny’s on Jan. 13, 2024. Joe Dill was informed prior to this meeting that it had to be at a neutral location as the ladies with the no-trespass notices were not allowed at the HQ, and Jeff would call the cops if they showed up. Once again, I ask, who is pulling the strings at headquarters? Where are Chairwoman Yvonne Julian and the other officers of the board?

On Jan. 13, 2024, McLaughlin, who only saw the original signed lease for the first time, admitted receiving the lease from Davis that morning and met with Joe Dill and the three women to view the signed lease at Denny’s. They were able to obtain a snapshot of the signed lease from a recording.

Notice the signature on the signed lease in the snapshot image seen below at right.

Yvonne Lease Candidate Signature
Compare the two different signatures supposedly by GCRP Chairwoman Yvonne Julian. The one on the left is her signature on her application when she was running as a candidate for the state senate. The one on the right is her signature on the original headquarters lease between the Greenville County Republican Party and Jeff Davis's 1776 Service, LLC.

Joe Dill and the three ladies noticed that the signature did not match her legal signature on her filing application form when she ran for state senate. Where did this new signature by the chair come from, as seen in the above image, in comparison to her handwritten signature on her candidate application? Is this a possible forgery?

Some of the EC members noticed that this second version of her signature, which did not match her candidacy application handwritten signature, matched the one that is used in the GCRP emails, where Jeff Davis’s 1776 Services, LLC is used to send these emails. Julian did respond to an EC last fall when asked about her signature in the official emails, “The signature I use for my Chairman’s letter is just a computer-drawn imitation that looks nothing like my legal signature.” So, she admits the differences in the signatures. So this brings up a question. Why does her digital signature in the email look very similar to the signature on the original lease? Did someone imitate it? You would think that the lease would match the filing application since it is handwritten. But the lease signature matches a digital version Yvonne admits is digital.

For more information about past signature issues in relation to our puppet master, read “MySCGOP Leader’s House of Cards is Falling, and So Is His Grip on Greenville County Republican Party” on timesexaminer.com.

Since the chairwoman is making no issue of the signature debacle, Let’s point out something more important. A document was provided online on Sept. 24, 2023, and also sent via email on Oct. 2, 2023, of the redacted signed lease by the chair. If you compare it to the actual lease that was presented by Joe McLaughlin at Denny’s given by Davis, it clearly shows that this is not the lease document that Yvonne sent on Oct. 2, 2023. Notice the perfect digital rectangle-shaped box to the left in the image below.

Yvonne FalseLease Signature
The above image shows where the original lease, at right, has Yvonne Julian's signature descenders dipping below the signature line. The image to the left is what she provided the Executive Committee in response to a special-called meeting. The image at left does not show Yvonne Julian's signature descenders dipping below the signature line 

On the actual signed lease presented at Denny’s, her signature descenders dip below the signature line, which should have been seen on the redacted version, but nothing is protruding below the signature line, and the dates are not the same either - again, see image above. She provided a lease document on Oct. 2, 2023, that was not signed after the whole Executive Committee voted at the special called meeting that required it to be provided. In other words, she did not show the original document as she claimed. She emailed a redacted unsigned version of the lease on Oct. 2, 2023, to comply with the motion rather than an unredacted signed copy, which the motion called for. Either way, she deceived the Executive Committee.

Recently, we have discovered that they have replaced the unsigned redacted version on the website, which was there from Sept. 24, 2022, until Feb. 1, 2023. I saw it firsthand before being replaced. They have updated and changed the image where it shows the signature descenders extending below the signature line. However, it is impossible for them to update the email that was sent to all those who received it as witnesses. I have that email, but better yet, there is a link to the email’s web version that they forgot to update, as they have done on the website. Click HERE to see the web version of the email with the redacted ‘unsigned’ lease provided by Chairwoman Yvonne Julian last fall, and click HERE and scroll towards the bottom to see the new redacted signed lease on the website (you can also see the image below). You can compare and see for yourself. Someone is attempting to hide the lack of transparency that was promised by this leadership. For those who claim full transparency, why go to the length that they have gone to avoid transparency and wait so long after the deadline that was set by the special-called meeting's motions that were approved by the Executive Committee? They could say they are trying to fix a transparency issue, but this continues to show patterns of deceit, mishandling of documents, and circumventing the authority of the Executive Committee!

Yvonne CoverupLease Signature
After 1st Vice Chairman Joe Dill and three Executive Committee members saw the original lease with the obvious signature descenders going below the signature line, someone changed the online version of the uploaded lease document, which now shows the signature descenders. The above image is currently online, and many wonder if a coverup is taking place.

Remember, Davis is the one who had the original lease at his house, and no one saw it until the meeting at Denny’s on Jan. 13, 2024. Why did the chairwoman present a redacted unsigned lease copy back in the fall? Did she defiantly go against the will of the GCRP Executive Committee? Yes!

Another sign of a puppet master at work is the fact that Democrat Solicitor David Pascoe has been invited to speak again before the Republican Party in Greenville. This is the same Democrat that Davis had speaking in front of the same body when he was chairman. This Democrat is a buddy of his, and they went to college together at the Citadel in Charleston. Davis even defended Pascoe on the Charlie James Show, who questioned why he was having a Democrat speaking at a Republican event. While James was questioning Davis’s motives concerning the Democrat speaker, Davis implied that James was being pulled by the strings of another by telling James he was being used. James made it very clear no one uses him as he ended the call.

According to Davis, Pascoe is coming to speak on South Carolina's judicial reform. But there are plenty of Republican prospects who have been outspoken on this subject and could have advised the local Republican body without a Democrat who openly endorsed Joe Biden in 2020. See the image below or click HERE and scroll to the middle of the web page.

David Pascoe Endorsed Joe Biden
The above snapshot shows Democrat David Pascoe, a featured speaker at GCRP's February business meeting, endorsing Joe Biden as President in 2020.

SC Freedom Caucus has been outspoken about Judicial reform in South Carolina and speaking out against the potential appointment of James Smith by the real RINOs in Columbia, why have a Democrat whether he supports James Smith or not. He endorsed the worst President in history. Pascoe will speak against enough Democrat offiliates to justify his usage of other liberal Democrats like Dick Harpootlian to speak about things we already know. We have the SC Freedom Caucus Legislators, who are mostly from the Upstate of SC, fighting for judicial reform that could have informed us of judicial reform. Instead, Davis and his tethered friends call members of the SC Freedom Caucus RINOs and obviously support Democrats like Pascoe who support Trump's opponent. So much for being MAGA supporters. Sounds like Democrat infiltration.

We are for Judicial reform here at The Times Examiner. We have already posted articles by the SC Freedom Caucus in regards. It is obvious that Davis has ‘his’ version of judicial reform because he is mad at all the frivolous lawsuits he lost against other Republicans he has been taking to court. A so-called Republican suing Republicans, not Democrats? Many are starting to conclude that Davis is acting like a Democrat in Republican clothing. We have a term for that, RINO!

Some even think he has brought in his chosen marionettes, such as lifelong Democrats, to help Democrats get a foothold in Greenville, let alone South Carolina. Read “Sam Manley Stands in the Way of a California Democrat.

As I finish this report, another event is playing itself out where Davis and his minions have purposely cut out 1st Vice Chairman Joe Dill, who has spoken out and is trying to expose this puppetry nightmare within the Greenville local GOP Party.

Just yesterday, Chairwoman Yvonne Julian sent an official email claiming that the 2024 Budget was approved by all nine members of the GCRP Executive Board, including the 1st Vice Chairman. She also said that he voted for approval of the agenda where Democrat David Pascoe will be speaking at the February business meeting. She added that he, among all nine, voted to move the 2024 budget proposal business to a Zoom meeting on Thursday, Feb. 8th. Click HERE to read the email.

Joe Dill had to send out an immediate informational email to let all members of the local Republican Party know that he did not vote for or approve any of these claims. He made it clear in his email that he disapproved of the agenda due to the Democrat speaking. He did not vote in favor of the 2024 budget due to insufficient details of budget adjustments and his desire to see more money go to electing Republican candidates in Greenville County. He also stated that he did not favor moving the important 2024 budget proposal outside of a normal business meeting and that they have chosen to let a Democrat speak instead. To read Joe Dill’s email, click HERE.

Julian sent a “correction” response email apologizing and claiming it was a proofreading error. However, it was still implied that Joe Dill did vote for the 2024 budget, which he clearly denied and said he did not. To read Yvonne Julian's correction, click HERE.

Never has a State Executive Committeeman wielded this much power within a county GOP party as Davis has, especially one that is defunct of his duty because he has been barred from any of the State Executive Committee meetings due to his bad behavior during the meetings. Neither has a non-citizen, such as Davis’s wife, had so much access and control over party business, allowed to wield more power at headquarters and events than the ECs themselves.

It is clear that Davis is the Puppet Master who is pulling the strings within the Greenville County Republican Party. Chaos, turmoil, and division follow him (visit www.jeffdavisfirst.com). He manages to convince many to follow his bidding through his skillful tethering of relationships, nontransparent actions, mismanagement of financial duty, unprofessional decisions, dehumanizing those who disagree with him, his patterns of doing the opposite of what he says, and his puppetry acts of showmanship for his own gain and purposes over others. For more reading material on this read, “Jeff Davis’ Forked-Tongue Drongo Ruse In South Carolina.”

So, the drama continues, and while the Democrats snack on their popcorn and continue to enjoy this puppetry show, we conservative freedom-thinkers in Greenville can only hope that the Puppet Master’s grip will continue to slip and his marionettes will finally cut their strings and be free once and for all and get back to supporting conservative candidates and the real MAGA agenda that they claim to support.

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