If Nikki Haley Can Deliver State To Jeb Bush, She Could be His Vice President

South Carolina has been chosen as the battleground for the Republican establishment’s last ditch effort to stop and if necessary destroy the campaign of Donald Trump.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, the designated  “Darling” of the Republican Party, was chosen to respond to the Obama State of the Union Message and to serve as the “point person” to stop the advancement of the Donald Trump campaign in the Palmetto State.

When Donald Trump, who is leading all other candidates in South Carolina, proposed temporarily barring Muslims from entry into the United States until the government can assure the people that they are not terrorists, Governor Haley publicly announced her opposition to Trump’s candidacy.

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The Greenville County Republican Women’s Club honored three deceased members during a recent luncheon at the Poinsett Club.

Club members lit a candle and made a short presentation honoring each of the ladies.

Past club president Geri Warren lit the candle and discussed the life of Mary Earl Drawdy. Mrs. Warren described Mary Drawdy as a “strong Southern lady” whose entire family has been important to the Greenville County Republican Women’s Club since its beginning in 1956. Mary was a 10th generation Earle, one of Greenville’s pioneer families. She was a descendant of Col. Elias Earle, who served in both the South Carolina House and Senate and the United States Congress.

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Opponents see abuse of power, Ignoring  Second Amendment

President Obama announced unilateral plans to work around Congress and expand background checks to cover more guns sold at gun shows, online and anywhere else.

The devil is in the details:

regulations and procedures developed and issued by agencies. The Justice Department’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and  Explosives will be one of the agencies issuing updated guidance that says the government should deem anyone “in the business of selling guns to be a dealer,” regardless of where the gun or guns are sold.

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“But they are all equally culpable in waging a campaign that sooner or later, must destroy civilization, if allowed to run its ruinous course.”

Socialism. Progressivism, Fabianism and Communism have the same goals. They simply had and have different means of achieving those goals.

The Marxist socialists and German national socialists under Hitler were impatient and willing to kill thousands to achieve their goals quickly.

The European Fabian Socialists believed in achieving power gradually. The Communists failed to achieve victory over the United States using external military force and failed to make progress with the American people because the population is armed. Therefore, for several decades, the Communists have used the gradual approach so as not to panic the armed American people.

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Geri Warren, at left, was named South Carolina Federation of Republican Women’s Republican Woman of the Year. The above presentation was made by Linda Slaton, President of Greenville County Republican Women’s Club at the Poinsett Club. Warren is a Past President of the club.

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“They're Going to be Destroying Every Suburb That they Move into, Just as they've Done the Inner Cities”

“The Obama Administration is now redistributing poor inner city families to American Suburbs,” said Jesse Lee Peterson. “They’re going to be destroying every suburb that they move into, just as they’ve done the inner cities.”

The government is implementing the program mostly in secret. They are using third parties to purchase houses in the suburbs for single black mothers with children.

WND reported that the Housing Authority of Baltimore is secretly relocating Section 8 Subsidized housing families from the inner city into suburban homes.

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“He will fight for the issues that we really care about and are very hot at the present time, such as the Immigration Issue. I don't see anyone else who is eager to fight.”

On the eve of a presidential election year and the Iowa Caucuses less than two months away, there are danger signs on the horizon.

Hillary Clinton is the likely Democrat candidate. Her mendacity and alleged crimes are not a problem for her constituents who plan to win by “hook or crook.”

With Senator Lindsey Graham out of the race, there remain 13 Republican candidates. Most of the candidates are clinging to the moderate wing of the Republican Party that lost the last two elections to Barack Obama. Only Donald Trump and Ted Cruz stand out from the crowd as separate from the Republican Establishment.

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