Freedom Comes from God, however man must defend and protect it or other men, greedy for wealth, power or fame will purchase, barter or trade it. Freedom is purchased and preserved for a price. There are those who pay the price for freedom and those who are willing to sell or trade freedom for a price to enrich themselves, purchase promises of security and comfort or to gain power over others.

Before the United States was created as a representative republic, all nations were ruled by kings or dictators. For the first time in history, the people of this country were protected by a Bill of Rights in a Constitution. We were free men and women with the right to own property and determine what to do with it. This freedom and the free enterprise system it produced, created the greatest standard of living the world had ever known.

This wealth and high standard of living resulted in both envy and hate. Individuals wanted to come to the United States and take advantage of the opportunities this unique free country offered. No external power was able to conquer the power of the economic engine the free enterprise system produced.

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About 50 Vietnam War era Veterans and their families gathered with the Ladies of the Nathaniel Green Chapter NSDAR, Saturday Morning, May 23,2015, at the Vietnam War Memorial in Cleveland Park. The weather was perfect for an outside ceremony on a Memorial Day weekend. Seating was reserved for the veterans, some of whom were showing the marks of war that have been with them as reminders for 50 years.

The purpose of the event was to conduct a solemn ceremony honoring Vietnam War era veterans. Music by the Heartstrings Blue Grass Band and a catered BBQ meal was provided to all attendees at the conclusion of the ceremony. An Honor Roll of Vietnam Veterans was called and each Vet. presented a certificate recognizing valor, service and sacrifice during the war. The presentations were made by Kathy Gerwig, Regent, Nathaniel Green Chapter NSDAR.

Lynn Shore, Commemorative Events Chairman, South Carolina DAR, read a proclamation from the Department of Defense pertaining to the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War.

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Many of us were told as children that, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” That thought could be expanded to adults with an “ignorant mind,” or more appropriately an “uninformed or misinformed mind.” Any of the above deficiencies are subject to being exploited and manipulated by evil individuals or groups.

The planned “dumbing-down” of a portion of two generations of students by the national government-directed public school system has resulted in the largest number of ignorant, uninformed and misinformed adults in American history. This wholesale ignorance provides a fertile field for leftist college professors, politicians and other evildoers to exploit.

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There has been a lot of real and alleged fraud and cheating in recent elections. In fact, it goes back at least to the Kennedy – Nixon race where it is quite well-documented that the Mafia was engaged to deliver West Virginia and possibly other states to Kennedy.

ACORN was one of the specialized organizations that was involved in delivering votes to President Obama, using a variety of alleged fraudulent methods. In a few states the allegations of fraud were investigated and prosecuted. Voter fraud in Greenville County was allegedly reported to the State and no action was taken.

South Carolina has no system for checking for duplicate voting between counties and states.

The Presidential election set for November 2016 is the most important election in our lifetime. I believe this to be true and so do many others who are paying attention and care about the future of our Republic.

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President Lyndon Johnson and the Democrat Congress almost destroyed the United States Military during and following the Vietnam War. The military  barely survived the single term of Jimmy Carter. He was the worst Commander-in-Chief ever until Obama. It took eight years of wise leadership by President Ronald Reagan to bring the dead fighting machine back to life.

The Clinton’s took their toll on the military and George W. Bush, at great expense in funds and lives, breathed life back into the fighting machine once more.

Carter was incompetent and Clinton was expedient. Bill and Hillary openly “loathed the military,” however “Slick Willie” wanted to be popular and declaring war on the military does not engender love from the public. Therefore, his dismantling of the Department of Defense slowed.

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Hillary Clinton appears to have the Democrat presidential nomination locked up. She is avoiding crowds, hostile media and conducting a very controlled campaign. The campaign conduct is typically “clintonesque”. They do not only think they are “above the law,” they are above the law.

The public will never know the details of the deal between the Clintons and the handlers of Barack Obama, however you can rest assured that there was a mutually beneficial deal made.

Americans under 30 years of age don’t know that the United States Congress impeached President Bill Clinton. Many of those over 30 have forgotten, because Clinton and the Clinton supporters act as if it never happened. As I recall, he was the first president impeached since the 1860s when President Johnson was impeached.

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The Republican Party at the State and County levels is undergoing a major planned transformation. Traditionally, the direction of the party has been from the precinct level up. Within the past two years, the direction has been from the top (Republican National Committee) down. This is not a new idea; it is copied from Obama Democrats who are intolerant of dissent.  The state party leadership, in most instances, has been brought in line with the desires of the RNC. Those at the grass roots who “rock the boat” and support unapproved change are considered to be disloyal to the party and are, if possible, forced out.

Most county Republican leadership in South Carolina has been brought into compliance and has bragged that they are making progress by bringing in new younger recruits to the Republican Party.  Those party workers and activists associated with Tea Party, libertarian causes or anti-Republican-in-name only activities have been made to feel unwelcome and have been silenced, forced out or departed by their own initiative. In Greenville County, the transition took place quietly and mostly without public notice. It is estimated that as many as 30 to 40 active party officials are no longer active in the party and have been replaced.

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