After serving as a Marine Sgt. in S-2 in the Korea war, I started back to Southern Illinois University as a freshman in March of l954 as a student of History.  I soon learned that a quote, "Man's History reads like a soap opera gone amok" is a truism.  I also learned that political correctness is nothing more than a lack of moral courage, and you will be labeled a racist if you tell the truth about minorities.

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We need to stop and take a hard unsentimental look at how we are reacting to racism in this country.

If the politicians and the media are to be believed, only the whites are guilty of racism, so we are being beaten over the head with the concept that white Americans are holding back the advancement of the black race.

Racism is universal here and all over the world, and it lives in the human heart, not in flags or symbols. Black racists are encouraged by black hate-peddlers such as Al Sharpton to be active and vocal about their hatred of the white race. As a result, whites cower in shame, feeling guilty about slavery and Jim Crow.

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In the 1820s an elderly Thomas Jefferson lamented the direction of the Union toward centralization and empire. He scolded those responsible, the selfish and ignoble sons  of selfless and noble Revolutionary fathers, and he called them unworthy.

But what about South Carolinians today?  Are we worthy of our Revolutionary and  Confederate fathers?

If the battleflag on the Statehouse grounds is taken down, it will not be because the  flag and its symbolism are shameful and therefore unworthy of the people of the state. If it is taken down, it will mean the people themselves have fallen into a shameful, immoral, dumbed-down condition and are therefore unworthy to fly the noble banner of their ancestors.

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Can you believe, thousands of years ago King Solomon experienced many of the frustrations Americans are struggling with in 2015? Do you want to hear what he did about them?

First, he dedicated himself to finding out for himself (not taking other people’s words) exactly what constitutes the good life, the life he could recommend for all of his subjects. He tried mirth, folly, and pleasures. It was all vanity, empty frivolity. (Eccl 2:1) Then he turned to great works. He built houses, planted vineyards and orchards, dammed creeks and rivers to make pools of water, raised cattle of all kinds in great abundance, provided employment for many men and girls, and collected great wealth in silver and gold. He collected musical instruments of every kind and surrounded himself with men and women who sang and played the instruments.

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What happened the other night at the Pickens County GOP Convention was more proof of why so many people don’t want to get involved in politics,

There was plenty of “posturing” for control and grandstanding to be viewed by all.

I assisted Weldon Clark in checking people in and giving out the ballots. I was told the list we had was an official list and that no one was to enter the auditorium unless they were on the official list. There were officers standing at the entrance to the auditorium who were told not to allow anyone in unless they had the proper credential … which was the manila envelope with the ballot enclosed. This was to ensure integrity in the balloting process.

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