The lawlessness we have witnessed in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, and New York, is not about justice being done, nor about fairness of the law. Far from it. lt was about young black men who believe that affronting the law is cool and macho. What happened in Ferguson was tragic, and avoidable.

Whether Michael Brown was a teenager, or unarmed, is irrelevant. He had only to step upon the sidewalk and keep walking, as the officer asked him to. There was nothing intimidating or unmanly about that request, but when he chose to confront the officer, he confronted the law, and he took it a step too far. At eighteen years old, he knew the law. He was no innocent child, as the media tried to picture him, and he was far from helpless. As a result, the country and the rest of the world have watched the sickening demonstrations of rioting and burning, and irrational displays of hate, and disrespect for the law. Blame has been heaped upon the officer who was doing his job, and defending himself (officers still have that right).

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A recent letter writer  claimed that "People care about others and have high moral character outside of religion."

Several weeks ago another writer in the News claimed that people can have goodness without God.  Both of these writers are dead wrong.

A person who is spiritually unregenerate is not able to not sin.  This means that an unregenerate person sins continuously and without interruption in thought, word and deed.  Therefore, a truly good thought, good word or good deed from that person is an impossibility.  The motive behind every thought, word, and deed of such a person is always tainted by sin.  But a person in the unregenerate state is often driven by sins like pride, vanity, and the like to appear good to others.  But this supposed or apparent goodness is a mere farce or counterfeit, and the unbelieving and therefore unregenerate person who claims to be a good person is merely an impostor.

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After canvassing Greenville County residents last week, one thing is for certain: No one wants, or can afford, to pay more taxes.

One senior Greenville County resident told me that he already struggles to pay for his new heart medication and that being on a fixed income means either buying less or going without his medication. A tax increase on top of that would cause serious harm to his already strapped bottom line.

But it could happen. If passed, the tax hike will raise $673,193,630 in sales tax revenue over 8 years. According to County Councilman Willis Meadow, it will cost an average family about $300 per year.

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From the creators of Common Core, David Coleman and the College Board, the new AP US History course is an assault on our country’s heritage.

The new AP US History (APUSH) framework presents a relentlessly negative view of American history, emphasizing every problem and failing of our ancestors while ignoring or minimizing their achievements.

The College Board’s reinterpretation of US history, as presented in the new APUSH course, is a biased and inaccurate view of many important facets of American history, including the motivations and actions of 17th -19th-century settlers, American involvement in World War II, and the conduct of, and victory in, the Cold War.

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War is hell! South Carolina summers are hot! These two statements are related only because they are both facts, unless reported on by the Associated Press, when they might well become fiction.

AP reporters are well versed in the liberal art of innuendo, as demonstrated by their sugar coating of the IRS boondoggle, and the blind eye they gave to the confusion of the Obamacare take-off. Their reporting on the economic recovery is as murky as their news about how many billions of dollars we are in debt. It's like reading comedy as they try to separate a little grain from the hulls of the Obama presidency, boosting his minor accomplishments, while fast-forwarding his failures.

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