Easter is a good time to reflect on the state of the world and the mysteries of God's providential plan.

Liberals in America have murdered over 40 million people by abortion in the name of "women's rights" since Roe v. Wade in 1973.  The Nazis are said to have killed 6 million Jews.  Does this mean that our "progressive and enlightened" Liberals are at least six times more evil than Hitler and the Nazis are supposed to have been?

Recently on FoxNews, Bill O'Reilly declared that "Christianity is non-political." Evidently he meant  the Bible is politically neutral and that somehow people who differ on moral-political fundamentals can all be Christians. But that is absurd, since the Christian faith is all about the one and only correct conception of moral fundamentals.

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In 1980-85 I was a member of the California City Airport Advisory Committee. Whenever the City Council dealt with issues that involved the airport we attended their meetings and contributed mostly helpful advice. For reasons I don’t now remember we decided in 1983 to hold a fly-in/airshow at our airport. We divided the responsibilities: Vendors, car parking, aircraft parking, advertising, event registration, etc. I took on the responsibility for the air show.

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I believe you would, as I, identify as a “Truth” seeker. On 7 September 2008 you were interviewed by George Stephanopolos and said: “John McCain never mentioned my Muslim faith.” That statement was accurately recorded. However, George came to your rescue and permitted you to correct yourself and identify as a Christian.

I, Sir, am very concerned by your actions as they negatively effect our freedom seeking Nation. Those actions speak far more eloquently than your words - to the effect that your actions identify you as a Muslim - to which faith you have the absolute right to profess and live by.

Would a professing Christian surround himself and his entire administration with so many Muslims, in positions of great authority and power, as exist in your entire administration? I believe not!!

I goggled: “Names and functions of Muslims in Obama administration” and received 49,400,000 responses. I selected the first one which took me to <freedomoutpost.com/2014/04/shariah-advisers-barack-obamas-muslim-appointees/> I printed l7 pages from that website and what follows is a very, very short summary of what was presented.

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In the 10th chapter of lst Samuel we are told about the anointing of Saul, the son of Kish, to be the first King over the Children of Israel. Saul is very tall, strong, handsome, and athletic but somewhat lacking in character. God had Samuel, the prophet and High Priest, choose Saul because it was likely that no other candidate could receive the approval of a majority of the population. God often gives people the leadership they deserve rather than the leadership that would be best.

In the 11th chapter we see King Saul’s first major test of his character. Ammonite King Nahash decided to conquer Jabesh-Gilead, a city in King Saul’s country. In those days when a king conquered a city it was customary to kill all the able-bodied men so the city would stay conquered and could not engineer a coup d’ etat. The men of the city made a proposal to King Nahash: let us live and we will be your slaves. Nahash replied, “If I agree to that I will put out the right eyes of all your men. (I guess Nahash thought men with only one eye would not be very dangerous soldiers.) The men of Jabesh-Gilead asked for a week to think this over and to discuss other options. Then they sent word to King Saul to please come and rescue them.

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For centuries, criminal trial juries, petit juries, despite the clear black letters of the law and the evidence that they hear and see, have voted to find accused persons, doubtfully innocent, to be not guilty, allowing them to go free. This is jury nullification. For centuries, legislators and jurists have uniformly rightly criticized jury nullification and wrung their hands without finding a way to stop it; persistent victory of human nature over rational thinking.

Grand juries also nullify the law. Recent grand juries, in Missouri and New York, have not indicted law enforcement officers who committed a homicide. Many people view those failures as unjustified. Most states have laws tolerating homicide in specific circumstances. Without saying so in clear language, they criticize those grand jtuies for exercising jury nullification. Perhaps that criticism is justified. If so, how can a state nullify human nature?

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